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When Your New Year Doesn't Start The Way You Wanted

Did your 2019 start off the way you wanted?

Do you want your New Year's Eve back so that you can do it all again? Did your new year fail to start the way you wanted it to?

Let me tell you, mine absolutely has not started the way I wanted.

Here I am, day 14 of the new year as I sit to type this, only beginning to now feel like my year is starting.

After beginning the year with a pinched nerve in my back that left me spending most of it horizontal, the ability to get my year underway has felt like nothing short of being robbed from me.

The frustration of not having the start to the year that you hoped for can have such an impact too. Whether it was planning to quit a habit (such as smoking or over-eating) or plans to start a habit (exercising, meditation) when you feel like the year hasn't provided the right space to achieve that, you can often feel like beating yourself up and downright complaining.

Which, to be honest, is what I kind of did. Well, until the past few days anyway.

I came to the conclusion that I would have a faux new year once again. If there is one thing that new year celebrations are great at doing, it is being able to let go of those things that we felt held us back and to embrace at least the notion of opportunity, change and the possibility of something different. It's closing that chapter and starting the next one. When you think about it, it isn't too uncommon to hear people talking about the challenges of the previous year and how they're happy and ready to leave that year behind and to step boldly forward into the new year.

The Statistics on New Year's Resolutions

This is possibly why so many people like the idea of creating new year's resolutions however the reality is that so few manage to maintain them let alone achieve what the ultimate goal was. Many people start the year with a clear idea of what they might want to achieve, such as saving more money, getting in shape, or even having more sex however research has shown that only 8% of people achieve their new year's resolutions and, on top of all that, 80% of new year's resolutions have failed by February.

When you consider the statistics, perhaps getting all the new year craziness out of the way and delaying your resolutions for a week or two into the new year isn't such a bad idea after all.

So, if you're one of those people who had all the best intentions at the start of the year and already feel like this year has delivered just the same, or worse, has had a pinched nerve in your back that has prevented you from wholeheartedly embracing those plans, then perhaps you can join me in my decision to accept what the year has delivered so far, draw a line in the sand, and make the decision to embrace the desired change moving forwards.

Why Do So Many New Year Resolutions Fail?

You might wonder why it is that so few people actually manage to achieve their new year's resolution? The answer is quite simple. We're talking about habitual behaviour here and more often than not, many people are trying to change a behaviour that they logically recognise as being undesirable or unhealthy without realising that this particular habit might be something of a coping mechanism for them.

For example, when people come in to see me to stop smoking, what I will often need to work on is not the smoking habit, but more what the positive intention is that they might be getting from the smoking habit. Think about it for a second; those habits you have that you wish you didn't... you can often list all the reasons why they're not good for you, right? And yet, it seems like you're just programmed to continue doing it almost against your will. That's because, at an unconscious level, you are getting something positive from it and unless that is resolved at an unconscious level, your chances of beating that habit are not very high.

For those smokers out there, the stop smoking packaging that I have developed focuses heavily on exploring these reasons and helps to dismantle them so that you can finally be free of that old smoking habit and become a healthy non-smoker for life. When you start to also explore what other habits you can replace that old smoking habit with, many people find that they can finally break up with that habit and have it no longer butt into their lives.

Research has shown that habits can't be deleted; they have to be replaced. Many people jump into their change with lots of positive attitudes and will power, only to find that in their moment of weakness, the old behaviour snaps back like a rubber band. When you work on the behaviour at a conscious and unconscious level though, you have far more opportunity to be able to recognise that you are so much more than the behaviour and that you can make the decision to do something different instead.

So if you feel like your year has not been kind to you so far and you're ready to let go of the year so far and to become that non-smoker, or to become healthier and fitter, or to find more rest, or be motivated to read more books, or to get excited about saving more money, then Release Hypnosis can help you to do that. You can always schedule a FREE half hour consultant call to talk about what you would like to change and explore if hypnotherapy is right for you, and you can do that via our contact page.

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