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Release Hypnosis Is Celebrating It’s 4th Anniversary

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Release Hypnosis Has Turned Four! We’re having a fourth-anniversary celebration! Come join us! Release Hypnosis has been with us now for four years and we’re so excited to have reached this milestone. Over the past four years, Release Hypnosis has been able to help people in quitting their smoking habit, losing weight, applying virtual gastric bands, manage their anxiety, finding acceptance with their sexuality and gender, resolve sexual issues, and letting go of negative emotions from the past that have created beliefs that were simply getting in their way. To celebrate reaching this milestone, we’re offering you a special deal; three sessions for the price of two! That’s a 33% discount! (Terms and conditions apply) If you have a problem, perhaps now is the time to consider how hypnotherapy can help you to make steps forward. What can Release Hypnosis Help With? At Release Hypnosis, we can help with a wide range of conditions. These include among others: Addiction and Recovery Motivation Anxiety Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Chronic Pain Depression Sports Performance and Motivation Improving General Confidence and Self-Esteem Insomnia and Sleep Disturbances Phobias Public Speaking Stress Management Stop Smoking (Smoking Cessation) Unwanted habits Virtual Gastric Banding Weight Loss /…

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When Your New Year Doesn’t Start The Way You Wanted

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When Your New Year Doesn’t Start The Way You Wanted Did your 2019 start off the way you wanted? Do you want your New Year’s Eve back so that you can do it all again? Let me tell you, mine absolutely has not started the way I wanted. Here I am, day 14 of the new year as I sit to type this, only beginning to now feel like my year is starting. After beginning the year with a pinched nerve in my back that left me spending most of it horizontal, the ability to get my year underway has felt like nothing short of being robbed from me. The frustration of not having the start to the year that you hoped for can have such an impact too. Whether it was planning to quit a habit (such as smoking or over-eating) or plans to start a habit (exercising, meditation) when you feel like the year hasn’t provided the right space to achieve that, you can often feel like beating yourself up and downright complaining. Which, to be honest, is what I kind of did. Well, until the past few days anyway. I came to the conclusion that I would…

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In What Ways Do You Want To Be Better In 2019?

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In what ways do you want to be better in 2019? I have a question for you. In what ways do you want to be better in 2019? And by ‘better’, I could mean any number of things. Fitter. Healthier. More focused. More financial. Confident. Whatever that ‘better’ could mean to you? It is that time of the year where considering a question like this can help to set the tone for the following year. What do you feel holds you back from being an even better version of yourself right now? For some people, it might be their weight. For others, it might be a habit that they feel has become unhealthy for them such as smoking or drinking or drug use. Perhaps it is just promising to yourself that you’re going to take better care of yourself in the new year, and having that intention is wonderful. Intention alone isn’t likely to make the change you want, or at least not to the level that you would like. Given that we are in the final handful of days before the new year is upon us, I felt it might be a good time to offer some suggestions and…

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Struggling With Your New Year’s Resolutions? Here’s How You Can Hang On In There

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Struggling with your New Year’s resolutions? Here’s how you can hang on in there Fuschia Sirois, University of Sheffield Oh, those New Year’s resolutions. By this point you may well be struggling to stick to those precious promises you made to yourself only a few weeks ago. And you might have even sneaked in a few chocolates or crisps when you thought no one was watching. But don’t worry, because a lot of people fail to follow through with their New Year’s health resolutions – with approximately 80% of gym goers who join in the New Year quitting their membership by the second week in February. So much for more exercise, right? Statistics also indicate that more generally, 50% of people quit their gym memberships within six months of starting, and waste almost £500 a year on unused gym memberships and equipment. Clearly, when it comes to New Year’s health resolutions, good intentions are not enough. But fear not, because insights from psychological science can help you identify and understand how to avoid the pitfalls that lead to health goal failures. So rather than beating yourself up about what you should be doing, with the tips below, you can successfully…

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How Does Hypnotherapy Work With Weight Loss?

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How does hypnotherapy work with weight loss? “It seems like no matter what I do, I just can’t seem to lose the weight.” If you were to come up with a ‘top five’ of presenting issues that people approach hypnosis for assistance to change, weight loss would be up near the top. For many people, hypnosis has proven to be really beneficial in their desire to manage their weight successfully with some saying that they found that they no longer felt the desire to eat the quantity that they had before or that their desire to eat the ‘problem foods’ simply seemed to disappear. While the claims can be very appealing, it still doesn’t explain how it works and so I wanted to take a moment to talk about what your hypnotherapist would be looking for in meeting with you and what approaches they may decide to take. Of course, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to using hypnosis for losing weight. Consider this; if there was one absolutely sure-fire, guaranteed way to lose weight quickly, easily and permanently, probably every other approach would simply disappear through redundancy. The fact that we are all different human beings who have come to…

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There’s No Such Thing As An ‘Addictive Personality’ – Here’s Why

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There’s no such thing as an ‘addictive personality’ – here’s why Mark Griffiths, Nottingham Trent University “Life is a series of addictions and without them we die”. This is my favourite quote in academic addiction literature and was made back in 1990 in the British Journal of Addiction by Isaac Marks. This deliberately provocative and controversial statement was made to stimulate debate about whether excessive and potentially problematic activities such as gambling, sex and work really can be classed as genuine addictions. Many of us might say to ourselves that we are “addicted” to tea, coffee, work or chocolate, or know others who we might describe as being “hooked” on television or using pornography. But do these assumptions have any basis in fact? The issue all comes down to how addiction is defined in the first place – as many of us in the field disagree on what the core components of addiction actually are. Many would argue that the words “addiction” and “addictive” are used so much in everyday circumstances that they have become meaningless. For instance, saying that a book is an “addictive read” or that a specific television series is “addictive viewing” renders the word useless in…

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Don’t Think You Have Enough Self-Control? Try Believing That You Do.

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Don’t think you have enough self-control? Try believing that you do Elliot Berkman, University of Oregon Around this time each year, my family and I, as well as Jews around the world, celebrate Passover. Like many Jewish holidays, this one features a range of symbolic foods and eating a large meal. And like many Jewish holidays, this one ends with me fielding the mostly rhetorical question from my relatives, “Why did I eat so much?”, quickly followed by a lament along the lines of, “I have no self-control around food!” This is a relatable feeling. We’ve all had an experience with overeating at some point in our lives. But is this failure of self-control caused by not having “enough” self-control, or could other factors like beliefs and mindset matter even more? Self-control is not fixed Many people hold the view that self-control is a quality that remains stable throughout a person’s life, similar to IQ or personality. Research in psychology has also generally supported this view. For example, a famous experiment showed that children who were able to resist eating a marshmallow for a brief period of time in favor of getting two marshmallows later went on to do better…

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A Behaviourist’s Guide to New Year’s Resolutions

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A behaviourist’s guide to New Year’s resolutions Rebekah Boynton, James Cook University and Anne Swinbourne, James Cook University Every year you set out determined to stick to your New Year’s resolutions. But year after year you fall off track and quickly abandon them. So why are resolutions so hard to keep? New Year’s resolutions are about trying to break habits, which is hard, but not impossible to do. That’s because habitual behaviour is automatic, easy and rewarding. To change a habit, you need to disrupt your behaviour to make way for a new, more desirable one. But as the number of broken New Year’s resolutions indicates, disrupting old habits and forming new healthy ones can be difficult. But what if you’re motivated to change old habits? Unfortunately, it isn’t that simple. Behaviourism is a theoretical perspective in psychology that tries to understand human and animal behaviour by studying observable behaviour and events. According to behaviourism, habits are initially motivated by the outcomes or consequences of behaviour, like eating food or earning money. Habits are triggered by contextual cues, like the time of day, your location, or objects around you. This contrasts with other ways of looking at how we form…

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The Benefits of Mindfulness

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The Benefits of Mindfulness What’s all the fuss about this ‘Mindfulness’ For the longest while, I couldn’t understand what all the fuss about this ‘mindfulness’ was. Was it the latest buzzword that everyone needed to get on board with? How could it be useful in losing weight, or reducing stress and anxiety, or any of the multitude of things that others had claimed? My first experience of mindfulness was an interesting one. I was doing my Cert IV in Hypnotherapy at the time. The lecturer asked us to close our eyes and to simply observe the sounds that we could hear. I can recall her saying, ‘allowing the sounds to come to you… holding no judgment… just noticing them like you were hearing them for the first time ever.’ Even in that moment, something began to shift. It was like trying on a new hat; I had to consider what it was like to be curious again and to hear something new for the first time. I would later go on to learn the value of curiosity in learning, exploring and playing. She then asked for us to focus solely on the breath. Perhaps we could notice the feeling of…

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How to Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions – Success after Jan 1st

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How to Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions – Success after Jan 1st Here we are, a little off the end of the year and gearing up for what we hope will become a far more successful year. Perhaps a New Year’s Resolution is part of your plan in making that better year become a reality? While many people make New Year’s Resolutions, only a tiny portion of people actually make it through the first few weeks, let alone achieve the outcome that they wanted. Last week, we looked at what you can do PRIOR to January 1st in order to help make sure that you have a rock solid plan in place and that you’re mentally prepared to take on your New Year’s Resolution with the determination and capability that you require. This week, we’re going to look at what happens after January 1st so that you can help keep things on track. So, regardless of if you want to lose that weight, get in shape, stop smoking, learn to become less stressed, taking up a new hobby or even just being nicer to one another, here are some tips on what you can do post-January 1st to ensure your…

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