Tips for Mindful Eating

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Tips For Mindful Eating In this day and age of diet overload, Mindfulness and mindful eating have pushed it’s way to the front of the queue in assisting people to build a new relationship with food where they can feel more enjoyment from their meals and satisfied on smaller amounts. You may recall in my first article I talking about the fact that I was a mindless eater. I would find myself sitting in front of the television, shovling food in and completely unaware of the fact that I was full. My mind and my stomach had stopped communicating with each other and I had become completely unaware of the signals telling me to stop eating. As my focus wasn’t on the food infront of me but more likely on Neighbours or The Biggest Loser, I became completely oblivious to how much I was eating, how many calories I was taking in or, to be honest, even what the food tasted like. In fact, I often argue with people when they tell me that they ‘love food’ in that they can’t love it that much when they cram it all in the way they do and don’t take the time…

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Unexpected Emotions Around Orlando

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I woke up to the news of the Orlando massacre. Like many within the LGBT community, there was something about this horrific situation that seemed to stir something in me far more than I had ever anticipated it would. It’s a sad reality of the modern world that stories about massacres, devastation and situations that just went wildly wrong are almost daily occurrences and, while we could point to the obvious, it seemed to whip up something within me far greater than the obvious connection with the location being a gay club. As the days went on, it became obvious that I wasn’t alone in feeling this way. The Gay and Lesbian community have gone through a lot in recent years. Just as it felt like things were progressively making their way forward, we’ve been greeted with plebiscites, reversed laws, government led bigotry, cherry picked bible statements and, most horrifically, massacres. Perhaps we have reached a tipping point where we had tolerated the hatred for so long but Orlando represented the final straw. Perhaps we’ve reached the point where we are being subtly (and not so subtly) told that we’re viewed as second class citizens, or worse, that we’re being…

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When Fear Takes Over – A Look At Phobias

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When Fear Takes Over – A Look At Phobias I had an experience yesterday that may not seem like much to many people but truly signified something extraordinary to me. I had a blood test. And it was the first time I knew my childhood fear of needles had definitely gone. What was so amusing about this one for me was that, when the needle went in, I let out a bit of a giggle. It was the first time ever that I had experienced a blood test where I knew the needle was in my arm but I didn’t feel the usual short, sharp sting that you come to expect with the needle breaking the skin. It caught me so off guard that I let out this little giggle and commented at how expertly my nurse had done it. Additionally, I’ve often found that when you’re having a blood test, you can feel like the needle is just sitting there for such a long time however this seemed over in seconds. As a child, my fear of needles was pretty much a phobic reaction. I can recall one instance where there had been several attempts to get blood from…

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