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Recording for Hypnotherapists – Recording Basics 101

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Recording for Hypnotherapists – Recording Basics 101 “I just wish they could sound a bit better!” It isn’t uncommon for me to talk with fellow hypnotherapists and to hear their frustrations when it comes to learning how to record their hypnotherapy sessions. In fact, when I was studying to be a hypnotherapist, one of the things that I really noticed was just how technophobic many of my fellow students seemed to be! Part of the reason why I created the ‘Recording for Hypnotherapists Workshop’ was that I really wanted to show people just how much fun it can be to learn how to record and to be able to experiment with this as another means of providing a service or added value to their clients. What value is there in learning how to record? Search on Google or Youtube and you’ll soon discover just how popular hypnosis recordings are for marketing any hypnotherapy business. Given what we hypnotherapists do, as a marketing tool, you can’t beat offering up a recording to offer your potential new clients a taste of how you do what you do. You may also find that you want to provide between session support to your clients…

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