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The Confident Hypnotherapist Podcast chats with Emma Romano

When I was writing my original introduction to my podcast, 'The Confident Hypnotherapist', I talked about the confidence that was unwavering.

When I wrote those words, the person that I had in mind was fellow Melburnian, Emma Romano.

Emma might be one of the more recent hypnotherapists that I've interviewed for this series but to say that she has made an immense impact on the hypnotherapy community is no understatement.

She has created a handful of protocols including Timeline Reset, Delete Reset, and the Family Freedom Protocol which has 'tooled up' many hypnotherapists in recent times.

What I adore about Emma is her authenticity, vulnerability, and directness. She is unapologetically 'in your face', loud and straight up, and this is something to love about her.

In this interview, she shares her own personal story about how hypnotherapy saved her life and brings her no bullshit attitude forward in discussing how to tap into your strengths as a hypnotherapist.

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