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The Confident Hypnotherapist Podcast

Why a podcast called 'The Confident Hypnotherapist'?

As a hypnotherapist, I genuinely believe I have the world's best job.

Every day, I work relentlessly to improve my craft. Some days, I feel on top of the world, while on others, doubt creeps in. I often ponder if there's a missing piece or a magical insight that can transform my self-doubt into unstoppable confidence.

The Internal Struggle

The dreadful feeling of not knowing enough or questioning your capability to create meaningful change can be overwhelming.

Wanting to initiate a new dialogue, I decided to share my experiences with self-doubt. I believe it can serve as an inspiration to other hypnotherapists. By doing this, they could catalyze more significant change for their clients and themselves.

A New Mission

Embarking on a new mission, I decided to delve deeper into understanding confidence. I wanted to learn how to consciously and unconsciously manifest it.

To attain this knowledge, I reached out to the leaders in our field. I was curious about their methods that fostered this unshakeable self-belief. Was it a result of their hard work, or was it innate? Perhaps, a life-altering moment contributed to it, or maybe, it was something entirely different.

Understanding Confidence

Some individuals have self-crafted frameworks around confidence. They've created a reality that helps them yield results. Then, there are those who are naturally gifted with certain traits. Like a person who inherently knows they're funny or always sees the positive side of situations.

Erickson stated we possess all the resources needed for our solutions. Some, however, argue this is almost correct; we may not have the resources, but we have the capacity to learn them.

This podcast revolves around conversations with those who produce results with their clients. We discuss what it truly means to be 'the confident hypnotherapist'.

Episode 1 - Rohan Gazzard

When it comes to hypnosis, stage hypnotists possess an extraordinary amount of confidence with their craft and so it made absolute sense to start this podcast series with one of Australia's best stage hypnotists, Rohan Gazzard.

Not only is Rohan an established and renowned stage hypnotist, but he is also a hypnotherapist who has seen countless clients over the years.

In this podcast, Rohan shares what he does to help build and maintain confidence as a hypnotherapist.

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