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The Confident Hypnotherapist Podcast

Why a podcast called ‘The Confident Hypnotherapist’?

Like many hypnotherapists, I believe that this could be the best job in the world.

For years, I’ve been working to continue improving my craft as a hypnotherapist; some days I feel like I’m doing a damn good job and then on other days, it can be a struggle as I consider if there is a missing piece that I need to know or if there was some magic insight that changes that self-belief from doubt to unstoppable.

Even worse is that feeling when you just wonder if you know enough and if you truly are capable of making meaningful change.

I wanted to create a new conversation that comes from my own experience with self-doubt and which also has the opportunity to help other hypnotherapists so that they can make an even greater change for their clients and for themselves.

I’m on a new mission; to learn everything there is about confidence and how to manifest it internally consciously and unconsciously.

To do that, I’ve turned to some of the leaders in our field to ask for their insight and guidance. I want to explore what they do that generates this confidence and unwavering self-belief in what they do. Is it something that they work hard at creating or has it always been there? Maybe it has come through some meaningful moment, or maybe it has come through another means entirely.

For some, there is a self-constructed framework around what confidence is; a reality that they’ve created, and that helps them to deliver results. For others, like those who just know they’re funny or who always find the bright side of a situation, they just ‘are’.

Erickson talked about having all the resources we need for our solution although I know of some who say that this is almost correct; the resources may not be there but the capacity to learn those resources may be.

And so that’s what this podcast is all about; conversations with those who get results with their clients and what it means to be ‘the confident hypnotherapist’.

Episode 1 – Rohan Gazzard

When it comes to hypnosis, stage hypnotists possess an extraordinary amount of confidence with their craft and so it made absolute sense to start this podcast series with one of Australia’s best stage hypnotists, Rohan Gazzard.

Not only is Rohan an established and renowned stage hypnotist, but he is also a hypnotherapist who has seen countless clients over the years.

In this podcast, Rohan shares what he does to help build and maintain confidence as a hypnotherapist.

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