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The Top 3 Limiting Beliefs That Hypnotherapists Have Around Technology

“It’s just too hard.”

Well, that’s only because you don’t know it yet. And if you’re watching this video now, then I’m confident you’ll be able to figure out anything that you’re presented.

I’ve run so many workshops now with people at various levels of skill and experience and I’ve yet to find someone who hasn’t learned something new through the workshop.

Most people are pleasantly surprised to discover not only how easy it is, but also how creative and fun it is. I know that when one of the course participants starts to tell me how much they enjoyed the experience, they’ve tapped into a new skill set that they’re going to happily and willingly turn to over and over.

“I’m just not technology-minded.”

I’m sure prior to learning hypnosis, you might’ve said that weren’t hypnotically minded either yet that belief didn’t stop you from learning that new skill. And then when you were studying, you might’ve learned a process like parts or regression and it might’ve seemed so easy in class and then you went out to work with real people – remember that! – and it took a little trial and error to find your feet and to get the best results. That is what learning is about. Once you commit to learning any new skill though, you put aside that limiting belief and you dive in knowing that you have nothing to lose except the confusion of not knowing.

“I won’t need to know that skill anyway.”

Now, I want you to really stop and examine this belief for a second and ask yourself what it really is doing for you? Stopping you from growing and expanding? Stopping you from potentially failing or feeling frustrated? If you’re planning to keep your business small and see only one-on-one clients, then that works for you and fine. If you’re planning to think bigger, grow your business, help more people, create more opportunities, then this is absolutely a skill set that you should know to save you time and money, to create in the moment, and to have added convenience and creative control.

The Recording for Hypnotherapists 6 Week Online Training

The Recording for Hypnotherapists 6 Week Program will take you, step by step, through the process of creation. We’ll go through it in bite-sized blocks, ensuring that you master each step, allowing you to create as you go so that you can tap into that feeling of achievement.

With the program, you get SIX weeks of lesson content ALONG with TEN weeks of Zoom call support PLUS the Facebook Group where you can ask questions and get support during and after the program. We’re essentially creating a mini-community of peers and accountability partners to ensure that you have all the support you need while you learn this creative process.

My mission is to show hypnotherapists just how easy it is to create great sounding recordings in the comfort of their own home with the equipment that you already have. With that, I’m limiting the number of people in this course to only 20 participants at any one time so that you can get the assistance you need when you need it.

What you need for this course

You’ll need a laptop or desktop PC – either Windows or MAC – and you’ll either need that computer to have a built-in microphone or you’ll need to purchase a microphone, which we’ll also be able to offer you guidance on.

Straight after payment, you’ll be directed to the Facebook Group where you’ll find a pre-course video that highlights how to set up everything before we even begin and, yes, you can ask questions from the moment you’re in the group should you need help.

What the Recording for Hypnotherapists 6 Week Online Training will cover

We cover everything from how to do your first audio recording, how to edit it, how to clean it up to make it sound even more professional, how to add effects, background music, and soundscapes, and even begin to explore deeper topics like hypnotic recording techniques, techniques to cut your hypnosis audio recording time to a fraction of the time you would do, and even how to create and set up a lead magnet to attract more clients. You’ll come to the other end of this course with a better understanding of the processes that you can take with you and continue to create.

Who this course isn’t for

If you only use iPads or smart tablets for recording or want to learn how to use mixers for live hypnotherapy sessions, this isn’t the right course for you. Additionally, if you’re someone who is happy to hold yourself back and stay small, then this program isn’t right for you either.

I’ve noticed some mentoring programs recently adding modules on audio recording to their program recently. If you’re considering joining a mentoring program that does this, then there may be double up. However, if you have the hypnotherapy skills you need and you just want a program to show you the more technical skills, then this course will be ideal and save you thousands of dollars in the process.

Interested and ready to go?

The investment is only $400 Australian for 8 weeks of content – that’s only AUD$50 per week!

Payment plans are available and if you start the course and within the first 14 days decide that it isn’t right for you, then I’ll refund your money, so you have absolutely NOTHING to lose.

Starts Monday 18th October 2021 – 6 Weeks of Lessons – 8 Weeks of Zoom call group support – Exclusive Facebook Group – Ideal for those who want step by step and wish to have additional support.

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