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Getting Mental Health On The Line - Weekending 19/02/17

Getting Mental Health On The Line - Weekending 19/02/17

This is a weekly post to act as an additional resource for both clients and fellow therapists alike.

This week, we’re presenting some of the best from the past week featuring topics as diverse as trance free hypnotic change work, creating engaging relationships, happiness, symptoms of Narcissistic Abuse Syndrome, Addiction and the impact on family, NLP, Goal Setting, Body Scan meditations, and a look at transgender issues.

If you have a video that you would like featured in our weekly roundup, then drop Lawrence a line with a link to your video.

Hypnotic Changework... Without Trance!

By James Tripp

In this video, James talks about hypnosis, change work, influences on my work and the forthcoming Hypnotic Changework... Without Trance training Live in Berlin on the 25th and 26th of March.

Developing Curiosity for Secure Attachment and Emotional Availability

By Alan Robarge

On this video, Alan Robarge, Relationship Coach, talks about how the skill of curiosity can be used to create emotionally engaged relationships. Curiosity helps connect us to the other person's experience and inner world. Curiosity is at the heart of empathy.

Introducing Happiness

By Happier TV

Is happiness determined by our genes? Or do our circumstances determine our happiness? Or is happiness a product of the choices that we make? These are some of the questions addressed in this lecture. In addition, the lecture provides some research-based advice that can help you become happier, right now.

10 Wicked Symptoms Of Narcissistic Abuse Syndrome Re-Release

By Family Tree Counseling

For those who have not seen it yet, this is one of Mark Smith's most watched videos first released in January of 2016. Mark shares 10 particularly painful and wicked symptoms of narcissistic abuse syndrome.

David Shephard's NLP Facebook Live 1 - Why I don't just teach NLP.

By The Performance Partnership Limited

There are six parts to this Facebook Live broadcast, all of which have been uploaded this week.

Drift Off To Sleep: Healing Light Body Scan

By Dan Jones Hypnosis

This is a healing light body scan meditation designed to help with healing as well as promoting sleep, and taking you on a journey through the body. It is a long deep process.

The Right Headspace

By Coach Corey Wayne

How to get yourself in the right headspace after a breakup setback when you find out your ex has moved on to a new lover or is spending time with another ex of theirs.

Goal Setting Creating Realistic Achievable Goals

By AllCEUs Counseling Education

Couples Recovery and Addiction: Evidence-Based Relapse Prevention


California Southern University faculty mentors, Dr. Bob Weathers and Colleen Kelly, LMFT, join “Psych One on One” with Julie-Ann Goode to discuss couples and family dynamics in addiction, providing a roadmap to plural recovery by engaging both the recovering addict and his/her significant other in a mutually healing process.

OUTthink - Ep8 - Sally - Transgender Exploration (Part 2)

By OUTthink / Lawrence Akers / Release Hypnosis

Yes, a blatant plug for my own podcast! OUTthink is a podcast that talks about issues that affect LGBTQIA+ mental health. This episode, we continue our chat with Sally Goldner who openly shares her story about life as a transgender person and offers insight into some of the challenges the transgender and bisexual community face. OUTthink is hosted by clinical hypnotherapist, Lawrence Akers (

Bonus: This Is Your Brain on Podcasts

Certainly not something shared in the past week but something that we found in the past week, and an item that might be of interest given the topic of this page.

You can read about it here or you can listen to the Freakonomics episode regarding this topic here.

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