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Getting Mental Health On The Line - Weekending 30/04/17

Every week, we curate a list of videos as a resource for clients and therapists. This week's selection dives into meditation, handling toxic individuals, the power of morning manifest meditation hypnosis, pinpointing real problems, and the unique way humor is employed by gay men. If you've come across a video that should be on our radar, feel free to contact Lawrence.

Problem Solving: Tackling the Right Issues

By NLP Times

Michael Breen emphasizes the importance of addressing the actual problem rather than its symptoms. He offers key insights to enhance your problem-solving skills.

Meditation's Life-Changing Power in Just a Week

By Body Mind Zone

Discover the transformative power of a mere 5-minute meditation over a week. Body Mind Zone guides you on how to harness this potential and integrate meditation into your daily routine.

Dealing with Toxic Individuals

By Lisa A. Romano Breakthrough Life Coach Inc.

Toxic individuals can drain our energy. Learn how to identify and manage interactions with them to maintain your personal balance and power.

Unlocking the Power of Morning Manifest Meditation Hypnosis

By Christy R. Hall

Techniques to Halt Overthinking

By Aaron Doughty

Overthinking can be paralyzing. Discover powerful techniques to quiet your mind and regain control.

Exploring Hypnotic Tenacity with Melissa Roth

By Work Smart Hypnosis

Melissa Roth delves into her journey from improving study habits through hypnosis to becoming a licensed hypnotherapist. She emphasizes the importance of tenacity in the field.

OUTthink: Gay Men and Humour Explored (Part 2)

By OUTthink / Release Hypnosis

Comedian Scott Brennan joins the conversation, shedding light on the relationship between gay men and humor. The discussion touches on both the comedic portrayal of gay men and the use of humor as a defense mechanism.

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