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To Script Or Not To Script… That Is The Question

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To Script Or Not To Script… That Is The Question Or a review of ‘Advanced Ericksonian Scripts’ by Dan Jones The Script Debate Within the hypnotherapy community, there is a lot of debate about the use of scripts. One of the key arguments against the use of hypnosis scripts is simply that they’re too generic and too ‘one-size-fits-all’, whereas what hypnotherapy clients will often require is a more tailored-made approach. Another concern with using scripts is that they can’t go into more advanced, interactive techniques that perhaps require a hypnoanalytical approach. When a hypnotherapist learns his craft, and provided that he has come from a reputable training organisation, there is the expectation that they should be comfortable with techniques such as Parts / Ego State Therapy, Regression, Ideomotor Responses, Fast Rewind and other techniques that could be attempted via a script but really do need more flexibility to achieve success with a client. Think of it a bit like the old ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ books where, depending on what route you wished to take, you would turn to a different page to continue the story. On the flipside of this, there is certainly some use in scripts and with…

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Book Review: Learning Hypnosis – A Common Everyday Approach After Erickson

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Learning Hypnosis: A Common Everyday Approach After Erickson Rob McNeilly Having been a fan of Rob McNeilly for some time and experienced some of his past trainings, I must admit that I may be somewhat biased in my review of his latest work, ‘Learning Hypnosis: A Common Everyday Approach After Erickson’. Anyone who knows Rob will back me up when I say that he has such a wonderful, personable and conversational approach to his work and that this same conversational tone is what makes his written work so engaging and enjoyable. In fact, I became so engaged with reading this book on my tram and it was only about an hour later that I realised I must’ve left my umbrella behind. Given that it was an overcast and wet day, I truly hope someone made good use of it! The beauty in this delivery is that it means many truly useful and worthwhile pieces of information are conveyed without us necessarily recognising just how insightful they are. I often found myself returning back to a paragraph as I read this book to soak in (or marinade, as Rob would say) what was being offered, to reflect upon how this could…

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