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Getting Mental Health On The Line – Weekending 12/03/17

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Getting Mental Health On The Line – Weekending 12/03/17 This is a weekly post to act as an additional resource for both clients and fellow therapists alike. This week, we’re presenting some of the best from the past week featuring topics as diverse as hacking hypnosis, genuine hypnosis, creating hypnosis CD sets, Quantum EFT, a change process approach in counselling, ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), and lastly, a look at mindfulness and sexuality. If you have a video that you would like featured in our weekly roundup, then drop Lawrence a line with a link to your video. How To Hack Hypnosis By NLPTimes Hypnotic Language Patterns, Trance, Hypnosis – words that are treated with revery for their awesome “magical” powers… but what if their powers weren’t what you thought? What if Trance wasn’t necessary for change? Master Hypnotist Michael Breen reveals eye-opening insights that every student of hypnosis and hypnotic communication will want to know. You’ll discover why there is no special words that are just words for hypnosis… WSH102- Ken Guzzo on Genuine Hypnosis By Work Smart Hypnosis Ken Guzzo is one of the most successful hypnotist today, able to earn thousands of dollars just by showing up…

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Why It’s Often Still So Difficult To Be Out And Proud

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Why it’s often still so difficult to be out and proud Elizabeth McDermott, Lancaster University A few months ago, I interviewed a 19-year-old bisexual woman and asked her why she had found it so difficult to “come out”. She replied: “I just had hate coming at me from all sides”. It may seem odd that a young woman living in the UK has experienced hostility because of her sexual orientation. The UK has made many legislative changes to promote lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) equality – such as anti-discrimination laws and same-sex marriage. But although laws have changed, negative attitudes to LGBT people unfortunately still exist. Hate crime towards LGBT people remains a persistent problem in the UK. And new figures compiled by Galop – a LGBT anti-violence charity – show that homophobic attacks have increased 147% in the three months after the Brexit vote. Which suggests the rise in hate crime seen after the EU referendum wasn’t just confined to racism or Islamophobia. Part of the problem is that we live in a world where everyone is presumed to be heterosexual/straight – and as a society we still like to think that everyone fits comfortably into a male…

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