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Getting Mental Health On The Line – Weekending 18/06/17

Getting Mental Health On The Line is our weekly post that acts as an additional resource for both clients and fellow therapists alike.

This week, we’re presenting some of the best from the past week featuring topics as diverse as limiting beliefs with the incredible Tony Robbins, a look at hypnosis for both pain control and confidence, stepping outside of your comfort zone with confidence, reframing death to gain more out of life, how to be a good listener, anxiety and depression within the LGBT community and, lastly, a chat with David Clark who talks about his experience of being diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder.

If you have a video that you would like featured in our weekly roundup, then drop Lawrence a line with a link to your video.

Tony Robbins: Change Your Limiting Beliefs (Tony Robbins 2017)

By Law of Attraction Coaching

Life can get tough and it usually does so from time to time. There are times we are ready to give up. Then there are times when all we want to do is curl up in our beds and disappear under our blankets. However, a truly powerful person is one who recognizes that life is meant to be a challenge and it is not supposed to be easy.

At the end of the day, all the efforts you put in will be worth it. If you are someone who truly believes they are destined for greatness and who wants to raise yourself towards success.

Change Your Limiting Beliefs

If you do not believe in yourself, no one will. In order to achieve success, you need to feel confident about your abilities and know that you will get where you want to go. If you do not believe in yourself, people around you will make sure you never achieve greatness. In order to change your beliefs to support your goals, start monitoring your thought process. Make sure it is positive by changing each negative thought that crosses your mind to a positive one until they permanently become positive.

Hypnosis Induction: Shatterproof Confidence

By Scott Jansen Academy

In this hypnotic induction with Scott Jansen, you will gain the keys to shatterproof confidence and build an impenetrable armor to even the toughest situations.

HYPNOTIZED : Episode 1 – Hypnosis for Chronic Pain

By Hypnosis TV

Did you know more Americans died last year from an overdose of medically prescribed pain medication than Cocaine, Alcohol, and Heroin combined? Did you know that for the first time ever, more Americans died last year from pain medication than car accidents?

This is not a good trend. What if there was a better way? One that was natural, organic, and right inside our own minds?

How To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone and Be More Confident – Till H. Gross

By James Swanwick

How To Get Out of Your Comfort Zone and Be More Confident – Till H. Gross: Are you the shy and reclusive type? Are there times when you want to go up and say hi to person but you get anxiety to even approach them? Are you a guy who has a hard time going up to a girl and starting a conversation with her? Or are you a girl who wants to join in a conversation with other people but are too timid to do so? Well today my friends I brought in a new friend of mine, goes by the Till Gross, the founder of comfort zone crusher and has one of top 100 most watched TedX talks of all time called ‘How To Be More Confident — Lay Down on the Streets For 30 Seconds’. Today he’s going to be teaching all of you on how to crush your comfort zone and just get out there to just start talking to others! Watch the video above to learn now!

Contemplate death to become happier


How To Be A Good Listener

By The School of Life

Listening is something we’re very reluctant to do, not because we’re lazy, but because we have never actually been taught how to do it properly, in a way that can be interesting and rewarding for us.

Anxiety, Depression, & the LGBTQ Community: Thriving Through the Challenges

By ADAA GotAnxiety

Dr. Debra Hope provides ways to thrive through the challenges of having anxiety and depression in the LGBTQ community.

OUTthink – S01E16 – David Clark – Exploring Bipolar Disorder

By OUTthink / Release Hypnosis

OUTthink is a podcast that talks about issues that affect LGBTQIA+ mental health. David Clark is the owner of the Lime Green Solutions. When he first experienced a bipolar ‘brain snap’, it took him down an unexpected path. This podcast, we chat to David about what it is like to be diagnosed with bipolar and what impact it has had on his life.

Bonus Podcast: Hide & Seek from JOY FM

Release Hypnosis owner and OUTthink producer, Lawrence Akers, recently appeared on JOY FM’s popular ‘Hide and Seek’ program to talk about hypnotherapy and how OUTthink came about. You can listen to the podcast here.

Would you like to know what hypnosis feels like? Have questions? Contact Lawrence to explore!

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