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Midsumma Festival Has Begun - OUTthink Update

Midsumma Festival

Now is the perfect time to be in Melbourne as the annual Midsumma Festival has begun. The Midsumma Carnival last Sunday was an excellent opportunity to get out, enjoy the sun, and to take in the diversity that exists within our local LGBTQIA community.

It can often be all too easy to forget that the LGBTQIA community is more than just a handful of gay clubs and the immediate circle that we associate with.

It's event likes Midsumma that help to get us out and about and to reconnect with our community.

The importance of connection

Research has shown the value and importance of connection to our own mental well being. It reminds us that we belong to 'a tribe' and that we can find people who understand and empathise with us, worts and all.

Without this connection, we can often find mental health issues arising including stress, depression and anxiety, and even addiction.

With that in mind, and despite Melbourne's notoriously unreliable weather, go on and get out there. Connect with our community. Enjoy the sun and get the Vitamin D.

OUTthink Update

It still is a little way off before the next series of OUTthink is ready to roll. We've approached guests and I've been thrilled with the response so far from people willing to get involved.

Having said that, if you have a story that you believe is worth sharing on OUTthink, then please feel free to drop me a line and let me know! I'd love to speak with you!

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