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OUTthink - Kris Verle - Life Coaching

The 'Stuck' Feeling: A Matter of Concern

When we broach the subject of mental health, it is crucial to discern the difference between it and mental wellness. Typically, discussions about mental health revolve around depression, anxiety, and addiction issues. In contrast, feeling sad or stressed are experiences everyone encounters and are not always signs of a severe mental health problem.

Being 'Stuck': A Common Experience

However, a sensation of being 'stuck' is not uncommon. Many individuals experience feeling lost about how to approach a problem or muster the motivation to address unsettling thoughts or demanding situations. These are situations where coaching can be incredibly helpful.

Coaching: An Effective Solution

Questions related to relationship issues or life's purpose frequently surface during discussions. These topics significantly impact your enjoyment of life and your perceptions of future prospects. In many respects, this is what the OUTthink episode focuses on.

About Kris Verle: A Dedicated Coach

Kris Verle, a coach committed to making personal development as commonplace as personal training, says, "Coaching isn't exclusive to athletes, musicians, and corporate executives. It's for anyone sensible enough to realize that we all have our blind spots that could benefit from an experienced, impartial perspective."

Coaching's Impact: A Discussion

"Coaching helps you move from your present situation to your preferred one, and it does so faster than you could alone," he adds. This OUTthink episode delves into the differences between coaching and counselling, how coaching aids those stuck in a rut, and the issues impacting his LGBT clients, including aging, self-image, finding a life purpose, and relationship matters.

For more information about Kris, please visit his website.

About OUTthink: An LGBT Podcast

OUTthink, a monthly podcast, is dedicated to shedding light on mental health and mental well-being issues impacting the LGBTQIA+ community. Our community needs open discussions on the unique issues affecting the mental well-being of gays, lesbians, transgender individuals, and the diverse labels in-between.

The latest OUTthink podcast can be downloaded from Podomatic, or subscribed via iTunes, or streamed from our Youtube Channel.

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