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OUTthink – Craig Mack – Initiating the “R U Ok?” Conversation

The Importance of “R U Ok?”

With ‘R U Ok? Day’ observed in September, it’s vital to understand that every day should be an opportunity to check in on loved ones. Noticing when someone close isn’t their usual self, when something might be amiss, is crucial. At times, the simple act of inquiring if they’re okay can have an incredibly positive impact.

Navigating a friend’s emotional state can be daunting for some. Others might find it relatively easy to pose the question.

Expanding the Conversation

In this OUTthink episode, we slightly deviate from our usual LGBT-centric content. The aim is to discuss how to engage in these potentially life-saving conversations with anyone. Our guest for this episode is Mental Health advocate, LGBT speaker, and ‘R U Ok? Day’ ambassador, Craig Mack.

Who is Craig Mack?

Tune into our latest episode and you’ll quickly appreciate why Craig is such an endearing individual and an inspiring speaker. A public figure, Craig uses his voice to discuss topics including LGBT advocacy, mental health, suicide prevention, and as an ambassador for R U Ok? Day.

As an ambassador, Craig shares his insights on suicide prevention. He sheds light on how simple acts of friendship can help each other, drawing from his personal experiences managing depression.

Connect with Craig

You can learn more about Craig through his website Craig On Toast and the page on mental health resources that he mentions during this podcast.

Introducing OUTthink – An LGBT Podcast

OUTthink, our bi-weekly podcast, focuses on mental health and well-being within the LGBTQIA+ community. As a community, it’s important we address issues that uniquely affect our gay, lesbian, transgender members, and those within the spectrum, influencing our psychological well-being.

How to Listen to OUTthink

You can download the latest OUTthink podcast from Podomatic, subscribe via iTunes, or stream from our Youtube Channel.

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