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OUTthink Podcast - Episode 4 - Sexual Fluidity (Part 2)

OUTthink Sexual Fluidity - Our Conversation Continues

More and more people are spending time becoming aware of their own gender and sexual fluidity and identity. As they embrace this side of them, their sense of self awareness and expression increases and the outcome of this can be truly inspiring.

Continuing our OUTthink Sexual Fluidity chat with Lisa Torney

The second half of our chat with Lisa Torney is out today, continuing our discussion on sexual fluidity and even touching on the topic of why heterosexual people may sometimes pretend to be 'change sides'. It's a great conversation and provides some insight into the world that exists between straight and gay.

Click below to listen to the show.

OUTthink - An LGBT Podcast

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OUTthink - An LGBT Podcast aims to shine a light on mental health issues that relate to the LGBTQIA+ community. We want to ensure that there is meaningful discussion that helps others to better understand their life experiences. If you have a story that you would like to share, reach out to Lawrence on

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