2017: A Year In Review

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2017: A Year In Review Whereas 2016 was most certainly a year of change, 2017 has been harder to pinpoint exactly what it has come to represent. We’ve seen a movement throughout the year, which began with fear, move to strength and resilience, and has seemingly ended up acceptance. Nothing to fear but fear itself… The year began with a reaction out of fear. Consider this; we have three possible reactions to the things that we fear that are hard-wired into us. These three reactions are ‘fight, flight or freeze’. In 2016, we saw a massive amount of change and this change was often brought about through a manipulative use of fear. We saw the UK decide that it would leave Brexit. We saw the US push back against ‘the establishment’ and elect an unlikely President. We were still reeling from the after-shocks that come from the terrorist actions of the previous years and showed no signs of slowing down as we moved into 2017. All of these were often a reaction to our own internalized fear that people were out to get us and that we had to ‘protect our tribe’, often blown out of proportion by the media…

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Struggling With That New Year’s Resolution? How To Hang In There.

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Struggling with that New Year’s resolution? How to hang in there Rachel Grieve, University of Tasmania and Cathryne Lang, Australian Catholic University It’s a time of year when many of us have made resolutions. The New Year feels like an ideal time to kick those old habits and replace them with habits that we hope will make us thinner/richer/younger-looking/insert-desirable-state-of-your-own-here. Of those who make New Year’s resolutions, only one in 12 will achieve them. So what can we do to maximise our chances of success? Self-efficacy is an individual’s belief in their ability to perform a particular action. We can have different levels of self-efficacy in various aspects of our lives, such as in our social interactions and at work. We also have self-efficacy regarding to our ability to eat well and exercise. As self-efficacy reflects a belief in yourself to achieve something, without it, we are unlikely to even attempt behaviour change. Higher levels of self-efficacy are associated with improved achievements. It is because of this that psychologists are very interested in how self-efficacy influences health behaviours. I think I can, I think I can… Self-efficacy is more than just positive thinking. We can build our self-efficacy by: watching others…

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Goodbye 2016: The Year of Change

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2016 has proven to be one of those years often summed up as ‘interesting’. It has certainly had far more plot twists and turns than what many of us would’ve anticipated and not all of them have been seen as good. While we don’t want to vastly generalise this year as having been awful, it has been a year that will certainly be looked back upon as having its own unique challenges and certainly full of ‘change’. Over the weekend, a friend of mine told me that, in Numerology, 2016 is a 9 year, which is a year of endings. I said that I felt this was appropriate as I felt it was a year of change and you can’t have change without having endings. By the very nature of change, one thing must end (either good or bad) in order for something new to begin. We may lose a loved one. We may be fired from or decide to leave a dream or nightmare job. Friendships may come to a close or you might’ve ended up meeting someone who will go on to play an important part in your life. We may have started a new business or you…

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Book Review: The Happiness Trap

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Book Review: The Happiness Trap Dr Russ Harris If there is one book that I am constantly handing out to clients and having to repurchase, it is ‘The Happiness Trap’. At the heart of this book is the framework for ACT (pronounced ACT, not A.C.T.) which stands for Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Within that are a series of metaphors, explanations, and techniques that, when taken the time to utilise in your day to day, can have a rather profound effect on your life. That’s a big claim, I know. For that, let me explain a little bit more about why this book is so important. One of the first things this book sets out to do is to break us free of the shackles of our fairy tale existence where we grow up believing that life is about aiming to achieve a constant state of happiness. As Dr Harris points out, this is an unrealistic expectation to hold onto and can actually limit us from being able to be fully present in the moment and aiming to have a life that is, instead, rich, full and meaningful. Sitting comfortably with your emotions The Happiness Trap offers up a new insight…

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