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The Secret to My Weight Loss Success

Are you tired of trying every diet and workout plan out there but never seeing the results you want? I know exactly how you feel because I was once in your shoes. I was unhappy with my weight and had a terrible relationship with food. But, with some small changes and a shift in mindset, I was able to lose weight and keep it off. In this blog post, I'll share my secrets to weight loss success through hypnosis and mindfulness.

The Trap of Being Overweight

I used to pretend that I was happy with my weight, but in reality, I was emotionally eating my way through a dissatisfying life. I reached almost 100kg and avoided taking photos, feeling trapped in my own skin. It wasn't until I went on a European vacation that I realized how unhappy I was. I made a list of things I wanted to change in my life, including my relationship with food.

A Positive Mindset for Weight Loss Success

I realized that my mindset was holding me back. I was allowing myself to be a victim of my circumstances and using food to cope with my negative feelings. But, I decided to take control of my life and make some positive changes. I started by addressing the areas of my life that I felt trapped in, such as enrolling in a course to pursue a new career path. I also became more vulnerable with my partner and started saying yes to things that scared me. As I became comfortable with discomfort, I realized how much opportunity and choice existed in my world. Don't let your own beliefs hold you back – you always have a choice.

Mindful Eating for Weight Loss Success

One of the biggest changes I made was becoming more mindful of my eating habits. I became aware of the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that drove me to mindlessly eat. By practicing mindful eating, I re-established the connection between my stomach and my mind, and discovered that proper portion sizes were satisfying. Sure, there were days when I slipped up, but I used those moments to remind myself that I was changing for the better.

The Power of Small Steps

Trying to make big changes in a short amount of time is a recipe for disaster. Instead, I embraced the philosophy of small steps leading to bigger changes. I looked at where I could make small tweaks in my daily routine, like replacing Diet Coke with water or taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Being mindful in those small moments made all the difference.

The Bottom Line

Losing weight and keeping it off is possible with a shift in mindset, mindful eating, and small changes. Don't let your own beliefs hold you back – you have the power to change your life. Remember, it's not about being perfect, but about progress. Start with small steps and see how far you can go.

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