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This 10 Minute Mindfulness Meditation is essentially training for your brain!

With repeated listens to this mindfulness meditation, you'll be assisting the brain in developing the skill of choosing what distraction it would like to focus on; in this instance, either the distraction of 'the breath' or the distraction of 'the thought'. In a world where we can become consumed by our thoughts, having the skill to allow ourselves to notice and acknowledge our thoughts while still being able to focus on what matters is going to be extremely valuable.

Whether we like it or not, our lives are going to have moments that make us feel uncomfortable, anxious, stressed or unhappy. Many of the moments we feel these things will be in reaction to circumstances and events that are completely outside of our control. A mindfulness practice will help to develop skills where we can observe those thoughts, acknowledge them, thank the mind for offering them, and choose to focus our energy and attention towards an action that is aligned with our values, our goals and the kind of person we want to be.

We can't change what is outside of our control however we can choose to notice those thoughts and feelings that make us uncomfortable and to 'accept them'. It is important to note that when I talk about acceptance here, it doesn't mean that you have to 'give in' or even like the situation. You can absolutely hate it if you want. When I talk about acceptance here, what I am meaning is that we can choose to reduce our struggle with things that are outside of our control and, in doing so, being able to focus that energy that would've been spent fighting something and using that in a way that is meaningful and aligned with our values.

As you continue to listen to this mindfulness recording and to develop a mindfulness practice, you can begin to realise just how easy it is to be mindful throughout the course of your day. To have that ability to stop, to breath, to be present, to know that you're breathing so, therefore, you must be ok, and to channel your focus towards the actions and behaviours that bring you closer to the outcome you want.

To be able to become the observer of your thoughts; to know that our minds will want to play tricks on us and to convince us that our thoughts are real when, in fact, our thoughts are just thoughts. That's why mindfulness can be useful in being able to stop, observe our thoughts with a sense of curiosity, to thank the mind for offering that thought, and to let it go.

I encourage you to build a mindfulness practice daily and I am positive that you will be surprised at how quickly you'll feel the benefits of it.

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