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Here Is Why I Don't Do New Year's Resolutions

This time of year, your social media news-feed is likely to be inundated by posts about New Years Resolutions. It's a great time of year to tell everyone how you're disappointed with yourself for [insert problem behaviour] and how you're going to stop doing [insert problem behaviour] in the new year. While it's nice to have a resolution, rarely does it actually work with many people abandoning them within the first week.

Being real with you for a second, even I have been guilty of flooding social media walls with marketing about 'new year's resolutions' because there are still many people who subscribe to them. Regardless of my own personal beliefs, it is obviously a wise move to let people know I might be able to help them and I do stand by the benefit of getting additional support to achieve them. Statistically, most people will fail with their new years resolutions and it tends to feel more of a token gesture about which 'flaw' to fix than anything else. When we break it down, what we're really looking at here is habitual behaviour and how to change the behaviour which has been running in the background getting this result for you.

Investing in New Year's Lessons instead of Resolutions

What I've done for many years has been the reverse; I've reflected over my year and I've come up with my new year's lessons instead. I sit down, reflect and consider what is the learning I'll be taking from this year and carrying with me into the new year that will benefit and guide me? This has always helped to gain a better understanding of the challenges I've experienced and to put that learning to use. Maybe you might find that beneficial too.

If you can come up with a motto that you can remember and use, it is great advice that you can remind yourself in the years to come.

Even the best plan is worthless without action

If you are committed to the idea of a resolution though, then consider getting some support to achieve it. The reality is this; you could read every self-help book on the planet but if you don't take that learning and put it into action, then nothing will change. If you resort to doing the same behaviours over and over again, you will get the same result and sometimes we need a little help to expand our vision of what those behaviours could be. You can have the best plan in the world but with no action, it's just an idea.

Be comfortable with making change every day when you need it

The understanding that you are already evolving and growing each day is going to fuel change more than a token wish due to a new year coming through. Be comfortable with trying new things, stepping outside of the comfort zone, and being able to explore why certain habits are being kept in place for you (hint: your unconscious mind is getting something beneficial from it even if you're conscious mind is struggling to understand what that might be.) If you are doing a resolution though and you really want to make it a reality, get the support you need to help ensure you develop new ways of engaging with that old behaviour now.

No 'plug' here for my services. I want this to be genuine and real, so I don't mind if you work with me or with someone else who you have a better rapport with. Put yourself first because only you can. You deserve to be the happiest you can be.

In the meantime for those who do 'resolutions', have a listen to this free hypnosis recording that I did a few years back. I hope it may help.

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