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I'll Show You How To Build a Hypnotherapy Mixer

I'm so glad to be able to offer you this webinar on how to build your own hypnotherapy mixer. This is a device that is going to really assist you in delivering sessions to your clients at a whole new level.

What's a hypnotherapy mixer?

Good question! Essentially, a hypnotherapy mixer is a small audio mixing device that allows you to deliver your session to your client via a headset and allows them to communicate back via theirs. As it goes through an audio mixer, it also means that you can 'mix in' background music, soundscapes or binaural beats as well, offering a very different experience.

This could be particularly useful in environments that can be rather noisy and help to block out any other background noises. I know that personally, in my own space, noises from neighboring rooms and businesses, the outside lifts ringing and people loudly walking past can be a real issue to contend with at times. While you could offer the suggestion during hypnosis of ignoring the other noises (in fact, they will only help you to go deeper), it can still be a real conscious distraction for some people.

There are obviously other benefits to utilizing a hypnotherapy mixer with your clients. It helps to create a focus for your client and give your session a sense of 'something unique'. It can help to maintain your voice over the course of the day and, with the right mixer, may even be able to adjust the bass and treble of your voice via equalization. It also means that, as the mixer would act as an audio interface for your computer, you could record your session directly to your computer for your client.

I'll show you the most inexpensive way to build your hypnotherapy mixer!

I've gone through my own trial and error as well as liaising with several specialists in the field to come up with something that is inexpensive but delivers great results. I've seen people sell similar units online for upwards of AUS$500 dollars. Mine cost me AUS$135. I'm going to show you how you can do it too.

With this device, you'll be able to;
...use your headset (headphones and microphone) to talk directly to your client.
...your client will have the same headphone and you'll be able to hear your client back.
...add background music or binaural beats to the session.
...record the session directly to your computer to supply back to your client.

You can download the PDF mentioned in the webinar here.


A word of caution; the way we use this device is not the way in which the manufacturers intended. For this reason, it is important to make sure that you have all the dials down before powering up the device to help reduce the risk of any power surges damaging the device.

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