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OUTthink Podcast Hits 10 Episodes!

So, let's be honest... hitting 10 episodes of a fortnightly podcast isn't really that big of a deal however it felt like it was time to begin speaking a little bit more about this podcast that I've been investing some time and energy into.

OUTthink is a podcast aiming to shine a light into some of the mental health and psychological issues that impact on the LGBT community. In my previous posting 'Why I Created OUTthink', I outlined that LGBT folk have a unique relationship with shame during our childhood development. As kids, we knew we were different. We weren't sure exactly in what way. We definitely couldn't put a label on it, yet we could feel it and we knew the other kids knew too.

As a result, we often allow the toxic effects of shame take impact; creation of the false self, rage, people pleasing, addiction - all common ways to deal with this feeling underneath that we were inescapably flawed and unlovable. As we find out place in 'the community', we begin to move more towards dismantling these shame messages and becoming more authentic.

OUTthink really aims to both bring topics that may not have been considered into light as well as offer up the process of normalisation by allowing listeners to hear the stories of others or experts in the community.

We're still only young - ten episodes in - yet we have some interesting speakers coming up and we're in the process of recording more and more. With that, if you have a story that you think could be worth sharing, then please feel free to drop Lawrence a line at the Release Hypnosis website.

In the meantime, check out some of the topics that we've covered in the first ten episodes;

Episode 1 and 2 - Daniel and his journey finding acceptance with HIV.

Episode 3 and 4 - Sex Therapist Lisa Torney exploring sexual and gender fluidity.

Episode 5 and 6 - Therapist Joe Busuttil talking about his recovery from an illness that left him disabled and his understanding of listening out for the warnings before crisis hits.

Episode 7 and 8 - Sally Goldner offering an exploration on both transgender and bisexuality.

Episode 9 - International coach, Brian Madigan talks about being 'naked' and being authentic.

Episode 10 - Dean Beck and I talk about mental health, sexual health, HIV and drugs.

You can find OUTthink on Podomatic, iTunes and Youtube. You can also find the blog on the Release Hypnosis website.

You can also find Release Hypnosis on Facebook, Twitter and Lawrence on LinkedIn. Please connect!