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No Butts – It’s Time To Help People With Mental Health Conditions Quit Smoking

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No butts – it’s time to help people with mental health conditions quit smoking Ben Harris, Victoria University; Holly Beswick, Deakin University; Jenny Bowman, University of Newcastle, and Kate Bartlem, University of Newcastle Australians with mental health conditions are more than twice as likely to be smokers as the general population. About 22% of people with a mental health condition smoke daily compared to a national rate under 13%. And the more severe your illness, the more likely you are to smoke. For example, about 60-70% of people with psychotic conditions such as schizophrenia smoke. We don’t have clear evidence for why this is the case, but there are several theories. These include that people with mental health conditions may smoke to self-medicate or to cope with social exclusion. People with mental health conditions are also more likely to have lower levels of education and higher levels of unemployment, which are accepted risk factors for smoking. Despite huge gains in getting Australians to quit since the turn of the century (22% of Australians smoked in 2001), people with a mental illness appear to have been left behind. They are a big group to overlook. More than 4 million Australians are…

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Smoking Cessation Quit Cigarettes Stop Smokes Hypnotherapy Release Hypnosis Melbourne

Ten Myths About Smoking That Will Not Die

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Ten myths about smoking that will not die Simon Chapman, University of Sydney Across forty years I’ve come to recognise many factoid-driven myths about smoking that just won’t die. If I asked for a dollar each time I had to refute these statements, I’d have accumulated a small fortune. Their persistence owes much to their being a vehicle for those who utter them to express unvoiced but clear sub-texts that reflect deeply held beliefs about women, the disadvantaged, mental illness, government health campaigns and the “natural”. Let’s drive a stake through the heart of ten of the most common myths. 1. Women and girls smoke more than men and boys Women have never smoked more than men. Occasionally, a survey will show one age band where it’s the other way around, but from the earliest mass uptake of smoking in the first decades of last century, men streaked out way ahead of women. In 1945 in Australia, 72% of men and 26% of women smoked. By 1976, men had fallen to 43% and women had risen to 33%. As a result, men’s tobacco-caused death rates have always been much higher than those of women. Women’s lung cancer rates, for example,…

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We’re Enjoying Our Third Anniversary!

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Release Hypnosis Has Turned Three! We’re having a third-anniversary celebration! Come join us! Release Hypnosis has been with us now for three years and we’re so excited to have reached this milestone. When talking about small business, it isn’t uncommon to talk about survival of the first three years. In an industry like hypnotherapy and counselling, longevity and word of mouth are crucial to ongoing success. Over the past three years, Release Hypnosis has been able to achieve so much and we’re excited about what the future has in store! To celebrate reaching this milestone, we’re offering you a special deal; three sessions for the price of two! That’s a 33% discount! (Terms and conditions apply) If you have a problem, perhaps now is the time to consider how hypnotherapy can help you to make steps forward. What can Release Hypnosis Help With? At Release Hypnosis, we can help with a wide range of conditions. These include among others: Addiction and Recovery Motivation Anxiety Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Chronic Pain Depression Sports Performance and Motivation Improving General Confidence and Self-Esteem Insomnia and Sleep Disturbances Phobias Public Speaking Stress Management Stop Smoking (Smoking Cessation) Unwanted habits Virtual Gastric Banding Weight Loss…

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What if you don’t want to do New Year’s Resolutions?

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What if you don’t want to do New Year’s Resolutions? Let me tell you, I get it. I know that there are so many people out there who get caught up in making new year’s resolutions and then they beat themselves up when they fall off the wagon all too soon. Some are successful; statistically, a recent US study found 8% of those who set New Year’s Resolutions were actually successful in achieving the outcome that they wanted. For many others though, they enter into the new year with a lot of good intentions and gusto only to have themselves feeling disappointment within days or weeks at how hard it is to maintain. But the simple fact is this; not everyone has to make new year’s resolutions. In fact, I rarely do. At the end of each year, I want to do something that has far more meaning and that will last with me far longer. Often what I will do is sit and reflect upon the year that I’ve just had and mindfully ask myself, ‘what is the lesson that I have to learn from the year gone by’. Sometimes there may be one key lesson and I can…

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