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The Confident Hypnotherapist Podcast chats with Derek Chapman

In this episode of 'The Confident Hypnotherapist', I get to speak with Derek Chapman from the UK.

Derek has a brilliant technique that he has developed himself called 'The Russian Doll'. I've been through the process with Derek myself and I can absolutely state that it's a sheer piece of brilliance and since that time, Derek has also been able to offer a session to the likes of Jason Linett, Bob Burns, and Steve G Jones - some of the heavyweights in the hypnotherapy industry.

What was wonderful about my chat with Derek is that he is so open about his own struggles with confidence when he first started out as a hypnotherapist and the challenges that he had with anxiety.

In this talk, he opens up about those challenges and also what he did to be able to find his way as a leader in our industry and to claim his title of being a confident hypnotherapist.

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