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Maintaining Motivation Now You're a Non-Smoker

You're finally free of that old smoking habit...

This final blog in my series exploring the 5-step D.R.E.A.M. Process ends with a focus on maintaining motivation. Being a non-smoker brings numerous benefits, revealed day by day. Some of these benefits were ones that may not have been obvious until you quit. The wonderful thing is that, as you notice each new benefit, the desire to remain a non-smoker becomes even stronger. In this blog, we explore how to maintain motivaton as a healthy, happy non-smoker.

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Step 5: Maintain momentum.

Read the following and then do the activity straight afterwards.

Close your eyes, inhale deeply. As your body relaxes, allow your mind to consider all the non-smoking benefits you're soon to experience.

Visualize the upcoming weeks, sharing your non-smoking status with family and friends. Notice their positive reactions. Imagine looking in the mirror over the coming weeks. See how your skin is looking fresher and you're looking healthier.

Now, take it out to one year from now. One year of being a non-smoker. Notice the changes that are happening one year from now. Perhaps you have more energy? Maybe you're exercising more? Perhaps you're feeling that sense of pride from being a better role model for your loved ones and friends.

You know what reasons are important for you to become a non-smoker and tapping into that awareness that you have all the skills and abilities right now to achieve this is going to serve you extremely well. Focus on all the positive things that you have to gain as you become a non-smoker and make sure that you continue to do things that reward you for the healthier lifestyle you've given to yourself.

Tapping into these positive images are going to help you to maintain momentum as a nonsmoker and to help you in those moments where you might potentially feel cravings or withdrawals in the week(s) immediately after becoming a non-smoker.

TAKEAWAY POINT: Focus on all the positive things that you gain as a non-smoker and this will help you to move past any discomfort as that old nicotine leaves the body for good.

Giving up smoking is only as hard as you allow it to be

When you break it down, the steps to becoming a non-smoker for life are straight forward. The complexity comes from your own ability to commit to becoming a non-smoker and to being self-aware as to the reasons why your smoking habit has been maintained until now.

If you take the D.R.E.A.M. Process and apply it to your habit, all you're going to need is for one or two of those beliefs to start crumbling before you find that everything will just fall into place.

Discover / Determine the positive intention of your smoking habit.

Resolve / Reframe the relationship that you have with that positive intention belief.

Establish a new healthier habit(s) to replace that old smoking habit.

Access internal resources to help build motivation/resilience

Maintain momentum as a happy, healthy non-smoker for life.

So here is the option; either you choose to become a non-smoker or you choose to stay on exactly the same path you are now. Inevitably though, everyone becomes a non-smoker. Either they choose to quit the smoking habit or the smoking habit quits them.

The choice is yours!

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