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Why I Created OUTthink – An LGBTQIA+ Podcast

OUTthink – An LGBTQIA+ Podcast is published today!

Today marks a significant milestone for me. It’s the publication day of my first podcast, OUTthink – An LGBTQIA+ Podcast.

In recent weeks, I’ve had the privilege of discussing topics concerning the LGBTQIA+ community with knowledgeable people. These discussions unearthed stories of shame, stigma, alienation, and abandonment. More importantly, we delved into tales of self-acceptance and self-love.

These are stories of people who have been thrown into some unexpected and difficult situations and who have managed to make their way to acceptance, understanding, empathy and pride.

Why shine a light on mental health issues in the LGBTQIA+ community?

The reason why I wanted to do this podcast was simple.

People often don’t put mental health into the spotlight, let alone some of the added issues that come with belonging to the LGBTQIA+ community.

People often avoid discussing important topics that should be brought to light, shared with the world, and used to release uncomfortable thoughts and feelings.

As you listen to OUTthink – An LGBTQIA+ Podcast, you may recognize aspects of yourself. I hope that hearing about the experiences of others will help you accept and take pride in who you are.

Additionally, the podcast can offer fascinating insights into new experiences and topics that you may not have previously considered.

OUTthink aims to explore how we feel and react when we are in situations where we may not feel our true selves. The podcast also provides opportunities to discuss important issues with mental health and medical professionals, including sexual fluidity and sexual health.

In a world where people are often shamed for simply being true to themselves, it’s crucial to discuss these topics and gain a greater understanding.

Is this podcast going to be a lesson in hypnosis?

If you’re skeptical about hypnosis, don’t worry!

Although I’m a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, I rarely mention hypnotherapy or hypnosis in the podcast.

My guests are the focus, and I simply ask questions that encourage them to delve deeper into the thinking behind their experiences.

Additionally, I’ve also received training in ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), which you’ll likely hear me discuss more in these podcasts.

OUTthink is a podcast for LGBTQIA+ ally’s too.

OUTthink is aimed at the LGBTQIA community but anyone can appreciate and identify with the guests and topics.

It might be a great way to gain some insight into some of the challenges and difficulties that our community faces.

I welcome any feedback that any listeners may have regarding OUTthink. If you would like to share you story, please feel free to drop me a line at

You can also connect with me through my Contact page, via LinkedIn or on my Release Hypnosis Facebook page.

Our first guest, Daniel, talks about his experience of living with HIV for the past 11 years. You can also read the transcription of the interview.

Download or stream OUTthink – An LGBTQIA+ Podcast

OUTthink is available to download or stream now from iTunes, Youtube and Podomatic.

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