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Getting Mental Health On The Line - Weekending 05/02/17

Getting Mental Health On The Line - Weekending 05/02/17

Welcome to our weekly roundup, focusing on "Mental Health Insights for the Week". This post serves as a resource for clients and therapists alike. This week, we delve into diverse topics such as pain management, time management, confidence-building, motivation, self-hypnosis, and an exploration of transgender. Additionally, we feature insights from renowned hypnotherapists like Jason Linett and Mike Mandel. If you wish to feature your video in our roundup, contact Lawrence.

Understanding Pain Management

By AllCEUs Counseling Education

Hypnosis Techniques for Pain

By Ron Eslinger

Mastering Time Management

By FitLifeTV

Alan Watts once said, “You yourself are the eternal energy which appears as the universe. You didn’t come into this world, you came out of it, like a wave from the ocean.” I recently delved into a book by Ed O’Keefe titled "TIME COLLAPSING: The New Art Of Speed, Money, Power & Meaning". This book is a must-read for anyone looking to improve their relationship with time.

Boosting Confidence for Interviews

By Owen Fitzpatrick

Owen Fitzpatrick, a renowned psychologist, shares invaluable tips for acing job interviews. He emphasizes the importance of presenting oneself confidently and authentically.

Exploring Self-Hypnosis

By Hypnosis TV

Strategies When Techniques Fail

By Work Smart Hypnosis

Every professional faces challenges. In the realm of hypnosis, sometimes techniques don't yield the desired results. This segment discusses strategies to employ when faced with such situations.

Decoding Logical Fallacies

By Mike Mandel Hypnosis

Unraveling Motivation

By AllCEUs Counseling Education

Transgender Insights with Sally Goldner

By Lawrence Akers/Release Hypnosis

OUTthink is a unique podcast that delves into LGBTQIA+ mental health issues. In this episode, Sally Goldner shares her personal journey as a transgender individual, shedding light on the challenges faced by the transgender and bisexual community.

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