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Getting Mental Health On The Line - Weekending 30/07/17 - Learn Hypnosis

Learn Hypnosis Among Other Videos This Week

Getting Mental Health On The Line is our weekly post that acts as an additional resource for both clients and fellow therapists alike. This week, there is a focus on how to learn hypnosis among other posts!

This week, we’re presenting some of the best from the past week featuring topics as diverse as some tips on learning hypnosis, a complete hypnosis relaxation session, looking at requisites for change, getting out of the way of your own success, double binds in hypnotherapy, improving self esteem and the impact of mindfulness.

Learn Hypnosis - Live Hypnosis Demo and Q&A

By UK Hypnosis Academy

This was a FACEBOOK LIVE in 28th July 2017.

Hypnosis Demo, Questions and Basic Psychology lesson. This was directed towards people on my friends list who have little or no experience with Hypnosis. It was a simple but direct way of explaining Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy.

#329 - Complete Relaxation Sleep Hypnosis Session (Rain Background)

By Joseph Clough

Facebook Live 27 - The 3 Requisites For Change

By The Performance Partnership Limited

There are actually 3 things that have to happen to create long term change and 2 of them are after the therapy, training or coaching.


By William Horton

Are you self-sabotaging your goals? Are you in the way of your own success? Nobody puts baby in the corner.

Double Binds Hypnotherapy Themes

By Nigel Hetherington

Some stories and metaphors expanding the ideas relating to double binds and shaping the use of double binds for therapeutic and coaching utilisation.

Dr. Amishi Jha: "The Impact of Mindfulness on Your Brain & Your Business" | Talks at Google

By Talks At Google

Dr. Amishi Jha is neuroscientist and Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Miami, and Director of Contemplative Neuroscience for the UMindfulness Initiative, prior to which she was an Assistant Professor at the Center for Cognitive Neuroscience, University of Pennsylvania.

A burgeoning area of research is the brain science of mindfulness. How does mindfulness training alter the structure and function of the brain? Does it protect the brain from stress and fatigue? Dr. Amishi Jha is a neuroscientist who studies how the demands of high stress, high strakes professions may degrade the brain’s ability to make decisions. She has found that groups such as accountants, students, athletes, and military service members benefit from mindfulness training. She discusses her research, which is part of a growing body of evidence suggesting that mindfulness training improves attention and well-being. These beneficial effects may powerfully address key challenges businesses face from rising healthcare costs, productivity slumps, to ensuring that leaders embody adaptive and creative problem solving skills even under high stress.

Improving Self Esteem | Happiness Isn't Brain Surgery Episode 022a

By AllCEUs Counseling Education

Learn what self-esteem is, how the internal critic and conditions of worth may be harming yours and what to do about it. and Happiness Isn't Brain Surgery is intended for educational purposes only. They are not medical advice or replacements for your primary care team.

Would you like to know what hypnosis feels like? Have questions? Contact Lawrence to explore!

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