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OUTthink – An LGBT Podcast Retrospective

A Retrospective Look at OUTthink

You’re likely pondering why OUTthink has chosen this moment for a retrospective episode. Since launching in late 2016, I have had the privilege to engage with numerous inspiring individuals from the LGBT community. Discussing their narratives or delving into significant issues within our community has been enlightening.

The Challenges and Changes

As a podcast with no financial ambitions, bandwidth becomes a limiting factor. We’ve reached a stage where it is necessary to declutter and free up space. This challenge has also presented us with an opportunity. We can revisit some of the key insights from the early episodes and explore them in a retrospective format. In this journey, we will be revisiting our conversations with Daniel Cordner, Lisa Torney, and Joe Busuttil.

About Daniel Cordner

Back in 2016, Daniel was our inaugural guest. Our coffee chat was so stimulating that it transitioned the OUTthink podcast from an idea into reality. Daniel’s openness about his HIV+ diagnosis and journey towards self-acceptance inspired many. His story has resonated with so many listeners that it’s no surprise he’s now a speaker for the HIV Speakers Bureau.

About Lisa Torney

With over two decades of experience as a social worker, Lisa has had an impactful career before pursuing a Master’s degree in Sexual Health Counselling. Her expansive experience includes sexual health counselling, trauma and crisis counselling, and working with individuals and couples. As the Victorian Branch President of the Society of Australian Sexologists, she is committed to upholding professional ethics and standards within the field of sexology and sexual health.

Lisa’s extensive work with the LGBTQIA+ community has helped transgender individuals and their partners deal with issues like gender dysphoria, identity difficulties, changing relationships, and transitioning. Furthermore, she has ample experience assisting people newly diagnosed with STIs and those living with HIV.

Find out more about Lisa on her website. For support from Mind Australia, click here.

About Joe Busuttil

Joe Busuttil was once a picture of perfect health. A personal trainer and a hypnotherapist, Joe understood the importance of a healthy mind and body. However, a sudden weakness in his leg muscles revealed a diagnosis of Vasculitis. This initiated a journey of surrender for Joe, as he learned to walk again and navigate the challenges of his recovery.

Explore Joe’s journey and learn more about his insights on listening to your body’s signs at his Equator Hypnotherapy website.

About OUTthink – An LGBT Podcast

Shedding light on topics concerning mental health within the LGBTQIA+ community is the main objective of OUTthink, a fortnightly podcast. We aim to open discussions around the unique issues affecting our psychological well-being. Find the latest OUTthink podcast on Podomatic, or iTunes. Alternatively, you can stream it from our Youtube Channel.

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