OUTthink - An LGBTQIA Podcast

Shining a light onto issues that impact on the mental health of the LGBTQIA community.

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OUTthink – An LGBTQIA Podcast

OUTthink is a podcast that shines a light into some of the mental health and psychological issues that impact on the LGBT community.

LGBT folk have a unique relationship with shame during our childhood development. As kids, we knew we were different. We weren’t sure exactly in what way. We definitely couldn’t put a label on it, yet we could feel it and we knew the other kids knew too.

As a result, we often allow the toxic effects of shame take impact; addiction, unrealistic diets and body image, rage, people pleasing, not feeling ‘good enough’ – all common ways to ‘cope’ with this feeling underneath that we were inescapably flawed and unlovable. As we find out place in ‘the community’, we begin to move more towards dismantling these shame messages and becoming more authentic.

OUTthink has a guest speaker each podcast either sharing their journey or offering their expertise to explore various aspects of LGBTQIA life and how we can lead a more meaningful, authentic, and full lives.


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Why I Created OUTthink.

Within these podcasts, you may hear a lot of yourself and, if you do, I hope that hearing the experiences of others helps you to move even further into self-acceptance and pride.

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Mental Health Focus

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender people are three times more likely to experience depression. 6 in 10 will experience verbal homophobic abuse. 2 in 10 will experience physical homophobic abuse. 80% of homophobic bullying occurs in schools.

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